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"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are. ~JP Morgan

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Beneath the external radiance of hair and skin, true and lasting beauty radiates from within—from a foundation of health and wellness.

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I have been working with Tirza since August and have been so happy with my results! She has catered each meal plan to my needs but also to my food and diet preferences which has made it SO much easier to stick to. Not only do I look better but I feel better, and I'm healthier and stronger. I was at a peak weight and needed someone to get me going. I was capable of so much more with her than I was accomplishing on my own! She is amazing at what she does! 

Adrienne Andros Lee

Tirza is an amazing coach and inspiration! I loved seeing pictures of her on her page working out with a smile and looking amazing, that definitely motivated me to contact her and begin my own weight loss and fitness journey. With her help and support I have lost 40 pounds and feel so much healthier and happier, thank you Tirza!

Brittany Dreyer

Tirza is a wonderful coach! She is really invested in you as a person, and wants you to not only be healthy, but truly happy! She is motivated and has such a positive attitude, that it easily rubs off on you to push yourself to find that same happiness she shares! She has great recipe/food prep ideas, her daily challenges are unique, and she actually practices what she preaches! I would highly reccomend her as a fitness/life coach!!!

Lauren Sweeny Altom

Tirza has been helping me achieve my goals for almost a year. She has been extrememly motivating, caring, helpful and willing to answer any questions I might have!! She reaches out to check in on me, and continuest to reach out when I get lazy. About 6 months ago she helped me see that I needed to be working more on my self care. This has been huge in my recent weight loss goals! I feel so comfortable sharing my struggles and my success with her! 

Jennifer Posegate

I feel like she is dedicated to helping people. I think she lives what she teaches. And I think Tirza knows a lot of good information and is willing to share it in a supportive and kind way. She's awesome!

Kristin Bailey Grasteit

Guess who was inspired by Tirza to do yoga today? This chick!! Beginners yoga...10 mini workout...but still, a workout!! Thanks for setting a rock-star example of making healthy changes!

Erin Sariah

Tirza was the first person in my adult life that really helped me understand the importance of living a healthy life. I began my journey with Tirza and was able to find what I really love and can continue to sustain because of that start. Thanks girl!!

Kaitlin Rackham


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"Beauty is the illumination of the soul,"

John O' Donohue

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"A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe."

Thomas Keller

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