Can this weather get any better!?! Seriously.. Fall in Utah is breathtaking.... and honestly, it's the whole season that's quickly approaching. The change in the air, the upcoming month of Thanksgiving and gratitude. The plans for the holidays, the Christmas lists that are getting created. Life is so so good!!

I listened to a podcast by Rachel Hollis and Scott Harrison with the Charity Water Story. It was such a fascinating and captivating story by Scott, who transformed his life while helping people around the world get clean water.
The stories he tells of women walking all day, giving up their education, their time, and dedicating their entire lives basically, just in search of water to keep their families alive.... and yet, here we are completely enraptured in life's goodness, with options and choices literally surrounding us every day.... living in a world where we can BE ANYTHING, DO ANYTHING!!

Soaking it all in, loving every second of it.. and truly feeling so grateful and blessed.

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