Lighthouse Mentality


I realized the other day, that I easily take on other people’s energies. I sometimes feel hyper aware of what other people are feeling. And it’s like I feel responsible for the energy around me, making it better, lifting it up, etc.... .
I think this came from when I was younger, I grew up in a large family where things were often hard. I liked to look on the bright side, make things better than they were, help people feel better.
And while this is a great blessing and gift to have, it can also feel like a heavy burden to carry. .
Because we are not meant to carry other people’s energies. People are responsible for their own. We are responsible for our own. And while it’s great to help people, we are no help if we are constantly feeling burdened, depressed or sad..
One analogy says......if we are trying to be the boat and carry people, we can only hold so many before we will sink.... but if we are the lighthouse, we can help and guide people endlessly. .
This process takes time and awareness.. learning that you are still a good person and still kind and caring even if you aren’t fixing everything around you. Learning to be in your own energy and feel how amazing that truly is💗
#bethelighthouse .

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