Victor vs. Victim Mindset

So many times we have the thoughts and feelings that life is handed to us in one way or another.... Some people lucky, others not so much. It's so easy to feel like situations and circumstances are just happening to us. But what else could be true? Could they be happening for us??
I learned early on in my life to stop living in the mindset of victim. Unfortunately I had a lot of that mindset passed down to me in my family. We were constantly having bad things happen to us, sickness, business and financial trouble, friend and people trouble... etc. And life felt like we were constantly in the mindset of "things are so good right now, so something bad must be around the corner." This way of thinking, I learned later on, was a "scarcity" mentality. And it makes it really hard to enjoy things very much or appreciate what you have in the moment, because you believe it's not going to last anyway.
This is literally how I was taught to think, feel and believe most of my life. I thought that sickness just "happened" to people. I didn't realize we were choosing it. Over and over and over again... all the way claiming "victim" to it. Giving it energy, talking about it to everyone we knew....all of us relishing in the power that sickness had over us.
After I left home for college, I started to notice a different world outside of the one I was raised in, and raised to believe. Yes, people still got sick here and there. But it was no big deal, they didn't talk about it or dwell on it much, and they still went on with life, and it passed quickly.... Unlike the sickness that would plague our home growing up for weeks on end at times,
This really puzzled me.... why was it so different for other people? What were they doing that I wasn't doing? 
I started to notice that they practiced better self care. I noticed they exercised and were pro-active about their health. Not in an extreme way, but in a "it's fun and good for me way." I noticed they talked about health and positive things and focused on other things in general.
I learned later from a mindset mentor that we choose into being sick, when we ignore our bodies.... our needs and our self care. When we push ourselves to extreme, out bodies's FORCE self care to happen, often times through sickness.
This made so much sense!!! I did not learn to practice good self care as a child. I was taught to push through, keep going, don't stop and keep going until you reached burn-out. This obviously did not serve any of us well.
I also did not realize that what we focus on becomes our reality. The more energy, thought and FEAR that we give sickness. The more it gets!! 
The more energy health, vitality, self care, positivity, exercise and all other POSITIVE outlets get, the more you'll get of those things!!!
I couldn't believe the shift and change that started to happen in my life as I let go of beliefs that were not serving me well, and worked to adopt and develop new ones!
No matter what it is in our lives that we are dealing with, we can ALWAYS choose. Choose how we feel about it, choose to ask the question "what else could be true?" and look at the situation from a different perspective. Choose to jump into Solution mode and leave the energy of complaining... We have so much more power than we realize. Choose into what you want more of, and more of it will show up in your life!

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