Deep Health and Macronutrients


You've heard it before... calorie talk... macro talk. Input vs. outgo equals results, etc. Counting the numbers, tracking your food, etc etc....But is this really all there is to nutrition? 

What about the more modern day concept of solely and completely relying on intuition? Only eating Whole Foods? Intuitive eating? 

How does this come into play? 

And why can't we have both?

In simple terms... we can. 

However, there are a few underlying important factors to consider...

For instance....

Science is still science. 

Mental and emotional healing around food is a legitimate factor affecting weight.

Whole foods, micronutrient balance and clean eating DO affect your overall health.


Your beliefs about nutrition, yourself and food in general are all factors that affect your overall health and physical results. 

So of course, just like anything as a human being. It's complex. 

On the one hand, we can wish, want, desire and hope that we can JUST eat whatever we want, generally focusing on the healthy foods we desire and lose weight or reach our desired results. But if this were true, wouldn't everyone be at their goal? Wouldn't everyone look and feel how they wanted? And wouldn't it be so easy?

Because in reality.. everyone at one point or another has tried VERY hard... been very strict and ate cleaner, made better choices, gotten on a certain diet regime, worked for a time to be healthy as possible, etc. And still not lost the weight, or felt very good at all.

And on the other hand there can be a strict focus on numbers only... swapping candy for fruit and Ice cream for avocado... and as long as we stay within our ratios and "obey" the numbers so to speak.... we could get results. ...... But we most likely would also feel terrible, relapse easily, have little energy, mental health will suffer, energy will suffer, more supplements for micronutrients and energy would need to be consumed, and the cycle continues... possibly creating a desired look on the outside... but not ideal or healthy by any means. 

So what's the answer?

Where's the balance? 

And what's missing?

The concrete, practical steps and know-how merged with "deep health and whole nutrition." They both need each other. Numbers and Nutrition. Emotional healing and overcoming past limiting beliefs.

In other words... to gain optimal health, you need BALANCE. And you need practical doable steps. 

You see, if you've never learned what the "correct" ratios for your body look like, feel like, or never created the habits of maintaining health for long periods of time without big weigh fluctuations, you body may not even know where to begin. And signals will be mixed up and confusing.

"Do I need this or just want this?" "How much do I eat?" "Do I eat 1 serving or 2?" "Does my body need this cookie?" "Why do I crave sweets so much?" 

And you'll feel like you have to go "extreme" one way or another to get control and achieve the results you want. 

But it's not the answer. 

Not the long term answer.

Macronutrients, tracking, deep nutrition and Whole Foods go together. But there are steps to get you to your goals and experiencing this type of balance.

Many nutrition coaches offer support through these steps of improving your health. I offer this to my clients. Tailored plans fit to YOU. You'll know your ratios, your body type, foods that work best for your body. A plan to help you reach your goals, be-it weight loss, improved health, energy, digestion, or a certain overall physic you want to achieve. It's the best way to create healthy habits, learn what your body needs, get clear guidance and direction, and then... your body will start talking to you again... then, you'll be able to start hearing your intuition.. your body guiding you. And truly, your body wants to be healthy and fit for you. 

Just remember there are stages and steps... And while the ultimate goal is to be completely connected with your body and your needs, there may be some very important steps to take to get there.