Movement out of Love


So often we start an exercise routine, a strict hard regime because we want to change something about ourselves. Because we want to look a certain way, get leaner, stronger, faster, better. And often times because we don't like something.

And of course none of these things are bad reasons to start working towards goal. In fact they can be VERY motivating. And we can get very far by pushing pushing pushing ourselves to be better.

But what if there was a different way? What if there was a way that was based out of love and respect and honor for our bodies. Gratitude for all that it has given us. Compassion for the mistakes we have made with our health, for the not knowing, for the ignoring, for the neglecting... and just our of pure love?

What would that feel like? 

Would it feel lighter?

Would you feel more pressure off?

Would you wake up excited each day for another chance to show love to yourself and your body?

Would you get creative with the kind of exercises you would engage in?

Love is the gateway that unlocks pathways of forward movement and growth. 

It is a force stronger any other emotion.

So why not start your goals with love today. <3