Why Can't I Lose Weight?


You've tried it all, heard it all, been willing to try new things, jump on the bandwagon of change and the hottest trends that seem to be working for everyone... but no matter what, you can't seem to lose weight. Or maybe you do, you lose a pound or two or maybe even 10, but it doesn't stick. It doesn't last...

And now, nothing seems to be working at all. And your willpower to start again, is next to nothing...

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Diet trends and fads are everywhere. And while some truly do help you eat a balanced diet. Others may have restricted you to a point where you felt like you were so limited that you were STARVING and eventually, the whole process tipped the other way and things started to go terribly backwards.

I've been there too. Following a strict 1200 or less starvation type diet, that I truly thought was the right numbers for me to lose weight. And while yes, maybe initially it shocked my body into achieving short term weight loss,  I could only sustain that for so long. And by the weekends, it was out of control-feeling guilty-eat up and catch-up binging, basically every time. And NO ONE likes feeling out of control that way.

What happens to your body after you repeat this cycle time and time again? Your body gets scared, it shuts down, it stops trusting you. Maybe that sounds a little strange or out there to you. But the relationship we have with our body is REAL and SO IMPORTANT! If we continually tell our body we want to lose weight, and then treat it terribly, what message are we sending to our body?

Another thing that takes place, is our metabolism slows to a crawl. Especially if you've done liquid cleanses, cut out entire food groups, such as no carbs or gone to other EXTREME measures, or jumped around from one diet to another.
After all, your body feels like its under attack and thinks it's starving or going to die, so it HOLDS ON TO EVERYTHING..
You might be experiencing this now, where no matter what diet you try... NO results. NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP.

This is a hopeless and really frustrating place to be. And the emotional and mental drain added onto the body, can feel like complete shut down and leaving you feeling like giving up entirely.

The good news is though, is that THIS CAN BE CHANGED! It can be REVERSED! Through following correct ratios within a healthy range for you, and a HIGHER Macro count for your body, you can start to rev up your metabolism and get it working and burning the way it's supposed to be.

You will need MORE calories, MORE frequent meals (in the correct macro balance), water, rest and the right timed consistency and timing of meals to jump start your body and metabolism again. It's not too late, and lucky for us, our bodies' are INCREDIBLE learning machines. They are also forgiving and willing to start again with us, if we are.