A Good Break


After 5 months of social media hiatus, haha.. taking a break from most everything except for family and things directly in my every day real life world... It's good to be back. 

During the time away, I thought a lot about what I enjoyed about social media.. and what I did not.

I thought a lot about the negative tendencies I've had with social media.. the comparing my life, the not feeling good enough, the getting on reactively throughout the day as notifications showed up, and other times almost unintentionally, like an automatic reflex! 

I also though about the anxiety I'd get from it when I'd spend too much time there, and would really start to get in my head (especially when I'd post and share something) my negative thoughts about my body, what I wrote, etc. if I said the right thing....would just consume me. 

I thought about the things I really enjoyed like the people I've connected with over the years and the amazing soul friends I've made. And the inspired thoughts that would well up inside of my until I shared them. 

But most of all... I've thought about balance. And how really, that is an ongoing goal in my life. Balancing family, marriage, motherhood, friendships, health and wellbeing, mental and emotional and spiritual health... while pushing myself with challenging goals...and being overall in a happy, content and joyful place in life. 

And because of how important that is to me, I can easily sense when things begin to tilt and feel off-balance. And last year after we built our home and then began to move, and our oldest needed surgery, and my husband was beginning the transition from a 7 year career to a full time business.. and holiday time was quickly approaching and other major family events at the time happening...well, lets just say my foundation and what I was used to day to day started to feel a bit shaky.

Some people's personalities may have depended on social media during that time to carry them though, to post and write about their process, to feel other's emotional support through it all. But other's like me, feel like social media pulls more from them, and end up feeling drained when other things (including mental health) are out of balance. And it's not like there's not good and great and uplifting and filling things on social media... but I've learned that I go big with things and I can get very consumed!! So it was an easy knowing to step back for a bit and focus all of that big energy intentionally on where it was needed most. And over this break, it was 100% on family, setting up our home and getting our life back to a good rhythm and flow as much as possible with so much transition.

So.... in the end... I didn't know when I was going to get back on and write or share... or even if I would again...So I just took it day by day. One of my other big goals in life is to get in flow... and allow things to happen as they are meant to. And then, one day I felt inspired to get back on and say a few things and now here I am! 

I don't think we should ever be afraid to check in and follow our feeling on what we need.. whether it's a break, a reconnection with someone, some spiritual focus and renewal, some more stillness in our life... because the more we listen, honor and respect our needs and wishes, the more we can do that for others around us. Because when you truly honor and understand yourself, you can truly honor  and understand others.