A Work in Progress

YAY!! for finally having a blog up!!! My journey on instagram the last two years has been amazing!! I love my followers, I love sharing, I love helping!! But so often I MAX out the amount of words in an IG Post!! lol And I have been working on writing, presenting, creating and you tubing and I am excited to have a space setup where I can share all of that with you!!!

My sweet hubby has been working to design me a full functioning site in-between his full time job as a web/app developer, his other part time/full-timish side project as an inventor, creator and product developer. And he's doing an amazing job, but it takes time and cooperation from me with getting the right pictures, and desired layout, etc. And that has also been taking me a while!! haha! Anyway, so needless to say, I'm grateful for all that he's doing, and I am going to just enjoy this journey sharing here until we get my site fully up and running!

So thank you for joining and following me here on my BLOG!!! You'll see my story, my favorite recipe shares, favorite routine and books and everything from health and fitness to mom life and beyond!!

I'm excited to have you here on this journey with me!!!