You’ll never know how far you can go until you take the first step. That’s what my health journey has been for me. Having enough courage to just take the first step, than another, than another. With each step leading to another turn of beautiful wonder, growth and discovery. 

Beginning my journey as a struggling teen with an eating disorder and terribly poor self image, going on to college and marriage and feeling like I was drowning in the ever changing ups and downs of my body and self worth during pregnancy and navigating through all of the strains and stresses of learning motherhood and marriage ... eventually led me to a place where I felt like I had lost who I was. I remember literally looking in the mirror and feeling like my reflection did not show who I really was on the inside. And I wanted to change that.

I decided I needed a change, I craved a healthy outlet and I wanted to feel better about myself and life again.

I didn't really know where to start, but I began with running, barely able to run a 1/2 mile, then 1 mile, then 2... then eventually on to complete several half marathons and a full marathon.

Along the way I also discovered fitness and building more strength in my body. Along this journey of growth and self imposed challenge... I discovered strengths I didn’t know I had and weaknesses that seemed like brick walls in front of me. I continued through until I realized how much mental and emotional healing was needed in my life, and how when both mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are given priority and aligned, amazing healing and incredible breakthroughs happen!

I ended up completely falling in love with the process, and found myself diving into books and courses and seminars and stepping into coaching opportunities so I could learn how to help others remember and discover who they were and help them along their journey to improved health and mindset and better self image like I had found. 

I m grateful to have learned and overcome all I have. I love my life, my 4 sweet boys and amazing husband. And I'm a huge lover of balancing life, growth, self care, movement, all things creativity and freedom! 

Thank you for joining me in this journey to health and healing and having the desire to change your life. So honored to help you every step of the way and to be part of your journey and growth. Can't wait to help you create your very best life!

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